Monday, January 28, 2013

Double post today!

So, I'm not going to make you wait for the first manicure!  Mostly because I couldn't wait to get it on.  No no, it's not the caviar one.  I'm going to wait for this weekend to climb THAT mountain.  But the other purchase I was excited about.
Yup, I'm not going to lie.  I love glitter.  I love green!  I don't think I've seen a green glitter polish that I HAVEN'T bought yet.  I'm not ashamed!

All the fingers but my ring finger is two coats of Sinful Colors "Call You Later" over one coat of Sally Hanson Ivy League.  My ring finger is just two coats of "call you later" to see what it looked like alone.

I totally love my new glitter!  ((And my cuticles need some loving stat!))

So, what nail polish can you never pass up?
Momma got some new polishes! 
Oh yeah, I'm loving them too.  I went to Wal-greens and got a few colors that I needed.  ((Needed might be a strong word, but I hadn't bought polish for a week and I was having withdrawls!))  So this was my drugstore haul!!

I'll be doing manicures with them all shortly.  What I'm most excited about is the nail caviar kit I found.  I love the look of them and I've been wanting to do one on my nails for a while.  When I saw it on display ((On sale for 6.50)) I snatched it so fast Hubby said I was a blur.  I'm totally excited for it because FLAME NAILS!!  Oh yeah!! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zoya Share the love

Hello fellow Polish-lovers!

I found an interesting link on Zoya.  It's called SHARE THE LOVE!  I like that because my mother is/was a bit of a hippy.  So I'm inclined to share my happiness and good will, aka love.  Just in a friendly way because Hubby draws the line at sharing any other kind.  ;)

That is my special link, what it means is when someone clicks on my personal link and sets up an online account, a coupon for a FREE Bottle of Zoya Nail Polish will automatically be placed in their account and can be used immediately on their current order. TIP: If you use this coupon and add 2 more polishes to your order, you get free shipping too! The coupon will appear in the "My Coupons/ Promos" section of their "My Account" Page.

So that's a pretty good deal!  So, my fun fantastic follower  (I think I have one!  HI Canadian Shopper!)  ahem..  SO!  Give it a looksie.  

And much adoration and love to you all!

Friday, January 25, 2013

In my Ipsy bag I got.... NAIL POLISH!!  Woo hoo!!  I love nail polish.  A total shock I know.  Heh.  But it was my first bag and I was really happy with it.  Not as much makeup as I hoped but all in all it was great.

So, this is from Nailtini.  It's called Frappe.  It's a very nice nude.  As many nudes it's sort of sheer.  It took me three coats to get this level of opacity.

The formula is nice and even.  Of course, I needed more color.  I don't do a lot of nudes.  STAMPING TO THE RESCUE.

WOO HOO  I stamped with China Glaze China Rouge.  It's a great rich red color. 

Starting February 1st  I'll be joining The Crumpet's Laid Back 31.  It's my first 31 challenge and I'm really excited.

I hope you all have a great weekend

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flower and stripes

So, today I went with stripes and glitter.

Because, who doesn't love glitter, right!  The base is Julep Sandra.  A color I love because of the vivid pink and it's my Bonus Mom's name!! The glitter is Julep's Barbara. The stripes are China Glaze Innocence.   Flowers stamped in Sinful Colors Black on black.

So, from this mani I learned that I need to practice my stripes!!  Also, just stamping the tips of your fingers is trickier than it sounds.  When I do this again I'll use a polish for the stripes that is less sheer.  All in all I like the look of it.  Obviously I need more practice. 

But I like how it turned out.  I'll post more tomorrow. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Why not?

Let me tell you something my new friends.  I love to paint my nails.  Of course you probably do as well, that's why you're here!  To see what I've done with mine.   Not that I'm going to promise you works of art on my nails.  But I want to learn how to be better.  To do that I have to practice and get some critiques along the way. 

So this was my last nail art effort!  It's my ode to Kermit and Miss Piggie!  Or, Frog and Pig in love.

With polka dots, because everything is better with a polka dot!  I did this with Julep nail polish.
Julep Madison- A sort of vibrant watermelon Pink
Julep Courtney- a wonderful creamy pale green.

All in all I was pretty gosh darn happy with it!