Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flower and stripes

So, today I went with stripes and glitter.

Because, who doesn't love glitter, right!  The base is Julep Sandra.  A color I love because of the vivid pink and it's my Bonus Mom's name!! The glitter is Julep's Barbara. The stripes are China Glaze Innocence.   Flowers stamped in Sinful Colors Black on black.

So, from this mani I learned that I need to practice my stripes!!  Also, just stamping the tips of your fingers is trickier than it sounds.  When I do this again I'll use a polish for the stripes that is less sheer.  All in all I like the look of it.  Obviously I need more practice. 

But I like how it turned out.  I'll post more tomorrow. 


  1. Stripes are really tricky, well for me too. I want to try striping polish, I wonder if that will make it easier. Is see it used a lot on nail blogs.

    Nicole you should put a followers widget/gadget up so people can follow you, I would be first to sign up :)

  2. I think they striping nail polish is a little easier, but only because of the brush.

    I think the formula of the polish is the important thing... and a steady hand. Which I don't always have. Heh.

    1. I have really steady hands and still have crooked stripes?!? haha practice, practice, practice :D