Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 8 of the 31 Challenge

Hello my reader!  I've decided to toss my dubious nail art talents out there and join The Crumpet in her next awesome Laid Back 31 DC.  I love following these challenges because it shows me a lot of wonderful art, introduces me to a ton of great blogs and gives me inspiration to perfect my manicures.

Well I missed one!  I was overwhelmed by weather and work and didn't realize it until late last night. 

Duochrome, Holo or Flakie was the prompt for last night.  I have a lot of polishes that meet those requirements.  I don't which is harder, having a ton of polishes or only having a few.  Also, I wasn't sure where the glitter/flakie threshold was.  So, after an evening of playing with my polishes I did this.

I was going for a sort of sunflower against the night sky.  Maybe in an impressionist sort of way.  You know if you squint and look at it from far off!  Really I do like them.  My bonus mom loves sunflowers.  She had a serious surgery Monday so I'm hoping these will cheer her up!

I hope you all are staying warm and dry! 


  1. I hope this does cheer your mom up. I also hope her surgery goes well.

    1. Thank you, her surgery went very well and now she's resting at home. Woo hoo