Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zoya, and other things!

I just wanted to let you know that Zoya is having a little V-day sale.  They are giving away three free nail polishes with the purchase of 25.00.  Now that is a snap to do with all of Zoya's beautiful colors.  I know because... I've just done so.  Easy peasy, like falling off a bike.  Ahem.  If you do so, I am taking part of the Share the love program.  So if you AREN'T Signed up You can use this, make an account and then get a free nail polish.  Which may or may not be stackable with the other, I didn't check.  I'm sorry... I'm a bad panda.  But here is the link about Share the Love.

Also, today Hubby had to work.  = /  Which made me a little sad.  So I won't see him until later tonight.  Instead my friend went out with me.  About a week ago, I introduced my friend to nail art.  she has taken to it like a duck to water.  She's taken to it so well... she can already do water marbling!  Seriously!  I showed her a youtube video the next day she was like LOOOKIE WHAT I DID!!  I can't do water marbling with my literally WEEKS more experience than she has.  Life is not fair.  BUT her nails look awesome!!

So today, she went out with me and you know what.  Two nail polish lovers shopping together without a cool head in the mix gets expensive.  FAST.  It's totally AWESOME because I can buy nail polish without feeling guilty!  I should do a haul of just what I got this week.  Because it's a lot of polish.  But it's all totally freaking awesome nail polish.  I am still not ashamed. 

I did find the most wonderful stuff though!  I had to share it with my one follower!  It's called Northern Lights top coat.  My friend and I, we call it Transporter Polish.  ((Because, we are both unabashed geeks) 

I found it at Sally Beauty Supply.  When I first saw the bottle it looked like this.  Not very impressive right?  Well I read on a blog and the woman RAVED about it.  She swore she used it on every manicure she has.  I did not see the appeal untili a very magical thing happened.

I shook the bottle.

Check out all that glitter!!  Of course you can't see it because hologram glitter is a pain in the ass to photograph but this stuff is AWESOME! 

My friend and I stared at the bottle for a few seconds like star struck four year old glitter-holics.  Then she says "It's like the Transporter from StarTrek".  Then picked up two bottles for herself. 

Blurry picture to show the SPARKLE! 

So I'm telling you.  If you love sparkly nail polish you should get this.  If you like a nice sheen of sparkle over your nails, just a little touch of glamor.  You have to go see this stuff.  Really I'm wondering how I lived without this stuff for so freaking long.

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  1. Northern lights, that is really cool. I will have to pick this up, wow