Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free hand swirls

I'm pretty sure days get twice as long after I get notification that something has shipped.  I've been waiting for my MASH and Zoya delivery.  It feels like I got the notice a month ago.  I check the status every day because I just can't wait to get what I ordered.  My order is now in town, but because of the snow storms they're staying at the Post Service.  *SIGHS*

So to soothe my nail polish withdraw I decided to try and paint some art free handed.  I used Zoya Blaze as the base color.  This is a seriously sexy nail polish.  A deep raspberry red with shimmer and sparkle.  Then I painted swirls with Zoya Trixie. 

For my first attempt I'm pretty happy with it.  Sure they aren't as smooth and elegant as I would like, but it doesn't really look like a money went at it either.  The silver reflects the red, so the lines are more opaque than they look. 

As soon as I get my new polish and nail plates I'll show you all what I bought. 

Have a great, and safe day.


  1. Freehand? Those are gorgeous I wish I could freehand like that! (that's why I love stamps lol)

    I'm the same waiting for nail mail. I'm waiting for something special at the moment. It's only been 6 says and it's coming from the US so I need to be patient but it feels like weeks!

    1. Curse you snail mail! Heh.

      Thank you, Cazzy! Stamps are awesome I agree. But you can freehand! I've seen your roses, they're awesome!

      This video does a good job of showing how to make the swirls

      Instead of doing the swirl all in one movement she does it in two, I find it's easier to control that way.

  2. Ah thank you! So you do the 'stem' bit, then the curly bit! I'll have to give this a go.