Monday, February 4, 2013

Zoya Polish Haul

I placed an order through Zoya using my code for a free bottle of polish. 

I ordered three polishes, one was one of the new PixieDust, Vespa. 

Green is one of my favorite colors, but this polish doesn't look good on me.  It's a little pale.  I should of gotten a spoon which Zoya, but I was so excited I couldn't wait.  Silly impatient me.

So, I kind of feel the need to compare this to OPI's Liquid Sand.  I have "Save the Night" and "Can't Let Go" from OPI.  PixieDust feels about as gritty as the Liquid Sand, which isn't terribly so.  However I think Liquid Sand has a better sparkle to it.  The glitter in Liquid Sand is bigger and reflects more light.  PixieDust is more subtle, but I don't know if that is because of the smaller glitter or if it's because of the lighter color. 

I like the formula.  Though I wish I'd of gotten a darker color.  Perhaps Dahlia or Chyna. 

I also got Zoya Blaze and Trixie.  I'll put swatches up of them soon. 

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