Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nominated for a Liebster award! (lots of talking)

I was nominated for a Liebster award by the fantastic Cazzy over at SpecialGirls Nails.    I had no idea what this was, which apparently isn’t uncommon!  But I think it’s totally fun and I always enjoy reading other blogs.  Also, it’s a great little ego boost.

I found the rules:
1)      Post 11 facts about yourself.  ((I’ll try not to share to much))
2)      Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3)      Ask 11 questions to the people you are nominating
4)      Find 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and nominate them

Awesome!  Let’s do this magical thing!

My 11 random facts

1)      My favorite faux swear phrase is “Son of a Monkey”.  I use it all the time.
2)      I have two cats, Neko and Zavia.  I totally spoil them, Zavia is the baby
3)      I’ve been married for 10 years, and I never thought I’d be able to say that.  Everyone else in my family divorced after a few years.
4)      My Dad lives in Vegas.  I go at least once a year and I love it every time.
5)      I’ve had the same best friend for over half my life.  My parents and in-laws consider her their other daughter.  She goes on vacations with us and everything.
6)      I have a completely off kilter sense of humor.  When someone else finds the same things funny as I do, I adopt them instantly.
7)      I work in a very boring office setting which happily does not impede my blooming nail art love.
8)      In a Rot-Com cliché, my husband and I did not like one another for the first few weeks we knew each other.
9)      I don’t get road rage when I drive, but I totally do when I’m the passenger.
10)   I lived in Japan as a child. 
11)   I am a water-baby.  I love to be in the water, I love to swim but I’m terrified of drowning.

The 11 questions asked of me by Special Girls Nails
1) What is your favourite polish? Brand, or shade?
                I love OPI, but Juleps nail polishes are slowly catching up
2) If you created a polish, what would it be like?
It would be a deep green with blue, green and purple glitter.  I’d call it “Is that a Peacock in your Pocket” 
3) What's the most difficult nail art technique you have tried?
                I have failed at many techniques.  The most frustrating is water marbling… >.<
4) What's your biggest lemming (the polish you most want but don't have)?
I love piCture pOlish.  I would love to have Jealousy by them.  Alas they are an Australian brand and I can’t find them reasonably priced.  There have been tears.
5) What do you prefer to post/read about? Swatches, or nail art?
                I like them both.  I think nail art wins a little, because I like learning new things
6) What is your best polish bargain?
                Sinful Colors.  1.99US at Walgreens.  Pretty good coverage and lasting power
7) How important is neat polish/cuticle cleanup to you?
                I wish I was better at it, I think that it makes your polish look polished  (Heh love puns)
8) What are you wearing on your nails right now?
                Joan by Julep… LOVE IT!!
9) What is your favourite nail shape?
                I like squoval.  It endures my typing well.
10) What do you think the next polish trend will be?
                I have no idea… I love the textured polishes around.
11) If you were in complete isolation, like on a desert island, would you still paint your nails?
Bet your monkey I would!  I’d probably start blending colors together when I got bored with what I had.

11 Questions to those I nominate.  ((Wow this is a lot of typing!))

1)      What was the last nail polish you bought?
2)      Do you use Indie Nail polishes?  If so, which is your favorite.
3)      How do you photograph your manicures?
4)      Would you rather develop polish or review polish?
5)      What is your favorite nail art technique?
6)      How do you store your polish loot?
7)      If you could move to a foreign country which one would it be?
8)      Do you listen to movies or music when you are doing your nails?
9)      Do you have a favorite quote?  If so please share it!
10)   Would you rather have every shade of crème polish or glitter polish?
11)   What is your favorite cartoon?

HOLY GOODNESS!  I haven’t asked that many questions since I had to give tests to 3rd graders!

11 Blogs I nominate


  1. Thanks for nominating me! I got on the ball and already posted mine!! See here.

  2. Sorry I just found this! I like your answers. I suck at watermarbling too lol And I love the polish you would create!

    1. I should of responded back to you. Thank you so much for nominating me. I really appreciated it.