Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Playing with my nails

So I was going to try and do the spotted water trick I've seen done.  Here, by cute polish and here by Simple Little Pleasures.  I love Simple little pleasures one the best.  I like her tone of voice it's very calm and some how confident.  Sort of like, it's okay you totally can do this.  I'm odd.

Alas... I didn't get spotted nails.  Nope, FAIL!!  I think it was the black I was trying to use.  I'm going to try and see if I can find China Glaze Liquid Leather and see if I get better results.  But I got... well a horrid result.

So I tossed the black back and decided to try something different.  I follow HARD LACQUER, and I love her style.  And she had sugar spun nails today.  So I copied her.
I have no shame!!

I discovered I had like five shades of teal!  ((I like teal!!))  So I got them all out and some silver and  went to town.  All in all, I really really like it!  I think I'll use this technique again.

Also, watch more of Simple Little Pleasure's videos.  She's really good at showing you her technique.  Cute polish has GREAT tutorials.  So give her a watch as well.

Also, thank you for inspiring me Hard Lacquer.


  1. I want to try this but I have read that clean up is difficult, do you have any tips?

    1. I just put a little tape along the sides of my fingers and went to town. A cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover really took care of the rest.

      This isn't a 'true' sugar spun because I used a super small brush loaded it with polish and then flicked it over my nails.