Friday, February 22, 2013

MASH delivery

Well I found a sale.  Who can resist stamping plates for half off?  Not this nail art lover!!  MASH had some fantastic plates.  I contained myself to three.  One that I have wanted for a number of weeks

The scales pattern.  I love mermaids and sea patterns.  I've seen this pattern around in several posts.  When I saw it on sale I hit the cart button so fast heads spun.  I also love the swirl hearts.  I'm really happy with this plate, and you all will be seeing it on my nails soon.

There were a number of patterns on this one I liked.  Really, all of them.  The cherries are to die for!  I've got plans for those flowers too.  It's going to be awesome!  I'm a manicure Goddess in my own mind. Heh.

 FLAMES!  HEARTS!!  Peacockish pattern!  What's not to love in this plate?  So pretty.  I'm going to be styling soon.

I also got some glequins that I've been yearning for!  STARS

And circles.  Not terribly exciting, but versatile! 

So, I'm really loving my delivery.  I can't wait to build manicures with them!

Any of you have suggestions?  I'd love to hear them.

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  1. Nice! I can't wait to see what nail designs you come up with :D